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Re: Future of cons?

From: vbar
Subject: Re: Future of cons?
Date: 27 May 2002 13:54:20 -0000

Steven Knight wrote:
> Nadim Khemir wrote:
>> Using SCons as the core: I think we must have a serious look at that. I mean
>> that some people should try to present what is good and not. What the
>> limitations. Is that what we want?
> I'm biased, but I'd suggest we follow this path.  The SCons build engine
> is architected for it from the ground up, it has a very slick job
> architecture for parallel builds (courtesy Anthony Roach), it supports
> easy specification of new Builder and Scanner objects, and 0.08 will
> have a framework for simple and flexible specification of Platform and
> Tool specifics in environments.
Is there a Python parser for Java? I couldn't find one for Perl
- there are parsers, but no Java grammar for them...


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