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[coreutils] cp --reflink

From: jeff.liu
Subject: [coreutils] cp --reflink
Date: Mon, 22 Mar 2010 21:55:49 +0800
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I found cp(1) has an '--reflink' option, at first, I think it is means the 
OCFS2 reflink
operation(please refer to

But by checking through the source code, looks it does another thing for Btrfs 

So is it better to fix this option name to another more meaningful one? we can 
then using this
option once OCFS2 reflink spread over other linux FS?

btw, is it acceptable to add the OCFS2 reflink into the cp(1) program, it could 
be implemented very
similar to the current "clone_file()" function(also call ioctl(2), due to 
reflink(2) does not merged
into mainline for now), and share the same command line trigger(i.e. 
If so, I'd like to write the patch.

Best Regards,

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