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Re: df --output

From: Bernhard Voelker
Subject: Re: df --output
Date: Fri, 21 Sep 2012 10:49:10 +0200
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On 09/21/2012 09:34 AM, Jim Meyering wrote:
> Bernhard Voelker wrote:
>> Finally, I made it the whole long way to df's new --output option.
>> Example use:
>>   $ src/df --o=target,ipcent,pcent .
>>   Mounted on  IUse% Use%
>>   /media/sdb5    5%  75%
>> The discussion about it started with
>> The biggest changes are in PATCH 03, 11, 17 and of course
>> the new files for documentation [19] and tests [20].
>> [PATCH 01/20] df: move the call of get_header from get_dev to main
>> [PATCH 02/20] df: rename some displayable fields
>> [PATCH 03/20] df: rework internal processing of output columns
>> [PATCH 04/20] df: apply ambsalign to the last field with
>> [PATCH 05/20] df: fix bracket opening style for structs
>> [PATCH 06/20] df: use enum value for long option --total
>> [PATCH 07/20] df: fix typo in comment
>> [PATCH 08/20] df: remove now-obsolescent condition
>> [PATCH 09/20] df: only sum up grand total if required
>> [PATCH 10/20] df: print '-' into the target column of the total line
>> [PATCH 11/20] df: Add basic support for mixed block and inode fields
>> [PATCH 12/20] df: remove remainder of pre-mixed fields support
>> [PATCH 13/20] df: minor cleanup to improve readability
>> [PATCH 14/20] df: cleanup header_mode handling regarding --inodes
>> [PATCH 15/20] df: give posix_format variable a better scope
>> [PATCH 16/20] df: remove old comment
>> [PATCH 17/20] df: add new --output option
>> [PATCH 18/20] df: plug two minor memory holes detected by valgrind
>> [PATCH 19/20] df: document the new --output option
>> [PATCH 20/20] df: add a test for the --output option
> Thanks for preparing all of that.
> I don't have time for a full review now, but did a quick
> pass over the top few patches.


> One nit: in NEWS (in 19/20), when a period is not at the end of the line,
> put two spaces after it, not just one.  Same thing in --help output.

I wonder if syntax-check couldn't prevent this ... didn't we have this
already a few weeks ago?

> There are several actually.  You can list them (and a few FPs) with
>   git format-patch --stdout -20 |grep '\. [^ ]'
> IMHO, the easiest way to fix them is to edit the git format-patch
> output and re-apply it with "git am" to a fresh master-based branch.
> (that works as long as inserting the space doesn't require splitting
> a line in a patch -- it's fine to reformat logs when doing that, but
> not patch output, of course)
> Also, log typos:
> s/brancket/bracket/
> s/Accomodate/Accommodate/
> ----------------------

I changed the patch set by this command (several of the expressions
exemt strings like "i.e." from being suffixed by 2 blanks):

sed -e 's/total \. /total "." /' \
 -e 's/\. \([^ ]\)/.  \1/g' \
 -e 's/\(i\.e\. \) /\1/g' \
 -e 's/\(e\.g\. \) /\1/g' \
 -e 's/\(\.\.\. \) /\1/g' \
 -e 's/^\(+\. \) /\1/' \
 -e 's/brancket/bracket/' \
 -e 's/Accomodate/Accommodate/' \
 -e 's/\(comma\) \(separated\)/\1-\2/' \

And I had to split an overly-long log line.

However, I didn't manage to 'git am':

  Applying: df: rename some displayable fields
  error: patch failed: src/df.c:237
  error: src/df.c: patch does not apply
  Patch failed at 0002 df: rename some displayable fields
  When you have resolved this problem run "git am --resolved".
  If you would prefer to skip this patch, instead run "git am --skip".
  To restore the original branch and stop patching run "git am --abort".

I'm not used to this very much - how can I find out _why_ it didn't
apply? That's a bit like "cannot print" while a "missing paper"
diagnostic would have helped much more
I'm a bit lost at this point :-(
Any other idea?
I could well fix the issues by commits 21, 22, ...

Thamk you & have a nice day,

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