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Re: [Denemo-devel] RefreshDisplay and MIDI playback controls

From: Richard Shann
Subject: Re: [Denemo-devel] RefreshDisplay and MIDI playback controls
Date: Sat, 20 Feb 2010 09:14:32 +0000

On Fri, 2010-02-19 at 14:11 +0000, Richard Shann wrote:
> write a back-end to it that instead of emitting MIDI emitted a script
> that would generate the denemo file needed. This could be easier than
> a
> backend that generating denemo's xml.

In fact, it could be that this would provide an easy route to generating
a musicXML input routine: parse the musicXML issuing denemo commands to
generate the music, rather than creating denemo's xml. Odd idea, but it
may be actually quite easy. The other, xml->xml sounds the obvious way
to go, but denemo's xml is generated in quite a "fancy" way, setting up
tables of identifiers for things (staffs I think) and so on. It may not
be so trivial to generate - though it may be, it could be that all that
stuff is not needed anyway.


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