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Re: [Discuss-gnuradio] CMake/SWIG build problems

From: Rafael Diniz
Subject: Re: [Discuss-gnuradio] CMake/SWIG build problems
Date: Fri, 17 Aug 2012 01:00:18 -0700
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Anything I can help, I'm here.
Did you installed the latest firmware version to your DR111?
CDNSE is really fixing the bugs we report.
Sodira can decode DRM+ also, it's quite buggy, but works somehow.
DRM developments is really a need here in Brazil (especially DRM+). 15
august the Brazilian government created the digital radio consilliere
group and December is set for the announcement of the standard. We hope it
will be the DRM, for all bands.
Open implementations of DRM is helping us to push DRM ahead here.
; )

Rafael Diniz

> Hi Rafael,
> I am preparing a release for the beginning of next week. The release
> will contain my DRM30 transmitter with various, fully configured
> flowgraphs that hopefully can be used more or less as-is and especially
> without deep knowledge of DRM. It's already working, but before
> releasing my code I want to put together a Readme file explaining how to
> install/use my software and what the constraints are. When everything is
> ready to be made public, I will notify the list about it.
> Currently I am implementing DRM+ support but I cannot say if it will
> make it into the first release. But as I mentioned before, this project
> doesn't end for me when GSoC ends. I already wrote to Michael Feilen and
> asked for a version of his DRM+ receiver software so that I can test my
> code.
> We got the same consumer receiver (DR111) here at my institute, but it's
> a preproduction sample as far as I know and it's quite buggy. Especially
> bandwidths above 10 kHz (spectrum occupancy 4 and 5) do not work with
> that receiver and unicode support for text messages is very limited.
> However, DREAM decodes the signal and so I guess I'm not doing
> everything wrong =).
> Best regards,
> Felix
>> Hi Felix,
>> Do you have something in a ready-to-test state concerning the DRM
>> transmitter?
>> I got a new DRM receiver (DR111) which shows the MER and SNR of the
>> reception.
>> Best regards,
>> Rafael Diniz

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