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Re: Yet another error in compilation/Dependency problems

From: Gregory Casamento
Subject: Re: Yet another error in compilation/Dependency problems
Date: Thu, 12 Oct 2000 16:56:04 -0700 (PDT)

--- Nicolas Peninguy <address@hidden> wrote:
> Hi,
> > Making all for tool set_show_service...
> > make[4]: Nothing to be done for `internal-tool-all'.
> > Making all for svc example...
> > shared_obj/ix86/linux-gnu/gnu-gnu-gnu-xgps/make_services: error in loading
> > shared libraries: libgnustep-base.so.0: cannot open shared object file: No
> such
> >  
> >  [...]
> >
> > It seems as though the installation proceedure now expects a previous
> > installation of GNUstep to be present.    I think most of you would
> > agree that this is an unacceptable precondition.
> I've just installed the latest version (by cvs) of GNUstep on my Debian
> GNU/Linux system and I had the same problems. (No version of GNUstep
> installed before).
> First it didn't find the « opentool » tool. So I change to the "make"
> directory to "make install". But after this, here comes the
> "libgnustep-base.so.0: cannot open shared object file" problem :)

Same symptoms I found earlier.
> So I made a "make install", then a "source ....../Makefiles/GNUstep.csh"
> then a "make" then a "make install" :)
> > The workaround for this is to build the make package, base package, then
> gui
> > package seperately.
> Or to use my method :))

An equally acceptable workaround.   My original point still stands, however. 
Either the build process needs to be fixed to behave as described in the
INSTALL file, or the documentation needs to be updated. 

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