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nib2gmodel exceptions

From: Stephen Brandon
Subject: nib2gmodel exceptions
Date: Wed, 6 Feb 2002 22:00:48 +0000


I am getting lots of exceptions from nib2gmodel when running on latest 
version of MacOSX. I know that nib2gmodel isn't perfect, but I thought that 
that meant that its output wasn't optimal, not that it crashed all the time!

Having said that, there are certain nibs which convert just fine.

Others are much more difficult/impossible.

I'm running it all through gdb to try to trap the exceptions, but I am really 
none the wiser. The exceptions are usually of the form:

-[NSCFString colorSpaceName]: selector not recognised

(where the NSCFString could be one of a number of different objects, but 
"colorSpaceName" is always the same)

For any given nib, the error is repeatable.

Here's the stack backtrace: the error always occurs within 
NSMapGet(objects,anObject), called from GMArchiver as can be seen below.

This seems really strange to me. Thinking that maybe there were zombie 
objects floating around I enabled zombie tracing, but no difference there. I 
also added extra retains to all objects being sent to the maptable, but that 
did not help either, so I don't think that object releases are the problem.

Can anyone shed any light on this? I can provide more info, or the nibs 
concerned, if anyone can help.

#0  0x708788a0 in -[NSException raise] () 
#1  0x70852a50 in +[NSException raise:format:arguments:] () 
#2  0x708529ac in +[NSException raise:format:] () 
#3  0x7088be24 in -[NSObject doesNotRecognizeSelector:] () 
#4  0x708204a4 in -[NSObject(NSForwardInvocation) forward::] () 
#5  0x706bb250 in _objc_msgForward () 
#6  0x70d4dbd0 in -[NSPatternColor isEqual:] () 
#7  0x708232ec in isEqualObjectMT () 
#8  0x708261b8 in __NSMapTableEqual () 
#9  0x701cef30 in __CFDictionaryFindBuckets1b () 
#10 0x70161d30 in CFDictionaryGetValue () 
#11 0x70828c8c in NSMapGet () 
#12 0x00003420 in -[GMArchiver encodeObject:withName:] (self=0xe7780, 
_cmd=0x706d316c, anObject=0x1b4370, name=0x12798) at GMArchiver.m:243 
#13 0x00002130 in -[NSNibConnector(NibToGModel) encodeWithModelArchiver:] 
(self=0x1b4350, _cmd=0x706d316c, archiver=0xe7780) at IBClasses.m:167 
#14 0x000035fc in -[GMArchiver encodeObject:withName:] (self=0xe7780, 
_cmd=0x706d316c, anObject=0x1b4350, name=0x0) at GMArchiver.m:323 
#15 0x00003818 in -[GMArchiver encodeArray:withName:] (self=0xe7780, 
_cmd=0x706d316c, array=0xea3f0, name=0x12a44) at GMArchiver.m:381 
#16 0x000057c0 in -[NSArray(ModelArchivingMethods) encodeWithModelArchiver:] 
(self=0x70852a50, _cmd=0x706d316c, archiver=0x0) at GMArchiveObjects.m:93

Stephen Brandon

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