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Re: nib2gmodel exceptions

From: Lars Sonchocky-Helldorf
Subject: Re: nib2gmodel exceptions
Date: Thu, 7 Feb 2002 13:41:13 +0100

>I am getting lots of exceptions from nib2gmodel when running on latest 
>version of MacOSX. I know that nib2gmodel isn't perfect, but I thought 
>that meant that its output wasn't optimal, not that it crashed all the 
>Having said that, there are certain nibs which convert just fine.
>Others are much more difficult/impossible.
>I'm running it all through gdb to try to trap the exceptions, but I am 
>none the wiser. The exceptions are usually of the form:
>-[NSCFString colorSpaceName]: selector not recognised
>(where the NSCFString could be one of a number of different objects, but 
>"colorSpaceName" is always the same)
>For any given nib, the error is repeatable.
>Here's the stack backtrace: the error always occurs within 
>NSMapGet(objects,anObject), called from GMArchiver as can be seen below.
>This seems really strange to me. Thinking that maybe there were zombie 
>objects floating around I enabled zombie tracing, but no difference 
there. I 
>also added extra retains to all objects being sent to the maptable, but 
>did not help either, so I don't think that object releases are the 
>Can anyone shed any light on this? I can provide more info, or the nibs 
>concerned, if anyone can help.
>#0  0x708788a0 in -[NSException raise] () 
>#1  0x70852a50 in +[NSException raise:format:arguments:] () 
>#2  0x708529ac in +[NSException raise:format:] () 
>#3  0x7088be24 in -[NSObject doesNotRecognizeSelector:] () 
>#4  0x708204a4 in -[NSObject(NSForwardInvocation) forward::] () 
>#5  0x706bb250 in _objc_msgForward () 
>#6  0x70d4dbd0 in -[NSPatternColor isEqual:] () 
>#7  0x708232ec in isEqualObjectMT () 
>#8  0x708261b8 in __NSMapTableEqual () 
>#9  0x701cef30 in __CFDictionaryFindBuckets1b () 
>#10 0x70161d30 in CFDictionaryGetValue () 
>#11 0x70828c8c in NSMapGet () 
>#12 0x00003420 in -[GMArchiver encodeObject:withName:] (self=0xe7780, 
>_cmd=0x706d316c, anObject=0x1b4370, name=0x12798) at GMArchiver.m:243 
>#13 0x00002130 in -[NSNibConnector(NibToGModel) encodeWithModelArchiver:] 

>(self=0x1b4350, _cmd=0x706d316c, archiver=0xe7780) at IBClasses.m:167 
>#14 0x000035fc in -[GMArchiver encodeObject:withName:] (self=0xe7780, 
>_cmd=0x706d316c, anObject=0x1b4350, name=0x0) at GMArchiver.m:323 
>#15 0x00003818 in -[GMArchiver encodeArray:withName:] (self=0xe7780, 
>_cmd=0x706d316c, array=0xea3f0, name=0x12a44) at GMArchiver.m:381 
>#16 0x000057c0 in -[NSArray(ModelArchivingMethods) 
>(self=0x70852a50, _cmd=0x706d316c, archiver=0x0) at GMArchiveObjects.m:93

That is a bug in Cocoa indeed, in NSPatternColor to be exact. The bug is 
already know and submitted to Apple (Radar # 2838383). expect it to be fixed 
with the next release of Mac OS X (current state 
of the bug is Verify - Software changed. That is Afaik one step before the bug 
is closed, so I can asume this)

But until then you should use the daily snapshot/cvs version of it, since 
(if i remember that correctly) Adam introduced a workaround for this 
problem in nib2gmodel.

>Stephen Brandon

Greetings, Lars

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