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Re: switch to XHTML

From: Gregory Martin Pfeil
Subject: Re: switch to XHTML
Date: Sat, 2 Mar 2002 11:41:55 -0800

On Thursday, March 2, 102, at 10:57  AM, Gerold Rupprecht wrote:

Thank you but no thank you.

I am still using NeXTSTEP OmniWeb browser version 2.7 beta 3 so HTML is still appreciated.

Otherwise I would be forced to surf with my PC.

I think you misunderstand. If your browser can parse HTML, it can parse XHTML. XHTML doesn't break anything -- just adds some restrictions.

        In HTML, you can use upper, lower, or mixed-case tags and attributes
        In XHTML tags and attributes must be lower-case

        In HTML some closing tags are optional
        In XHTML all closing tags are required.

The root tag in XHTML is still <html>. XHTML simply moved the HTML standard from SGML to the simpler and more rigid XML.

I hope this has allayed your concern.

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