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Proposal question.

From: Tim Harrison
Subject: Proposal question.
Date: Wed, 08 May 2002 12:30:15 -0400
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Hey all.

I've sent two versions of my GNUstep Filesystem Hierarchy proposal to the mailing list here, and haven't received very much feedback. This leads me to one of two conclusions:

1.  no one is interested in utilising this proposal
2.  it's so long, people are still trying to get to the end of it.

My reasons for submitting this proposal are many and varied. Along with the need for standardisation, one of the reasons most important to me, in particular, is the need to integrate GNUstep into LinuxSTEP.

So, therefore, I have these questions:

a.  Is anyone interested in seeing this proposal used?
b.  If yes, what problems do you see that would need to be addressed?
c. If no, would anyone be terribly offended if a patch was created that the LinuxSTEP base team could apply to a release of GNUstep for integration into LinuxSTEP? d. Is there an official release planned soon, so that the LinuxSTEP base team can use that as a baseline (as the CVS code tends to change at a moment's notice, effectively forcing applications to be recompiled)?

I really don't wish to force LinuxSTEP users to have to reinstall their applications every time there's a new release of GNUstep. That would be significantly detrimental to the acceptance of a new system. Especially one that's based on the GNUstep environment.

<shameless call for help>

Also, we're in dire need of a few more developers to help with getting LinuxSTEP further along. If you're interested, please contact either myself (address@hidden), Eric Sammer (address@hidden), or join the LinuxSTEP-general mailing list (http://lists.linuxstep.org/mailman/listinfo/linuxstep-general).

</shameless call for help>


Tim Harrison

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