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Re: NSSound and gsnd

From: Yen-Ju Chen
Subject: Re: NSSound and gsnd
Date: Thu, 01 Aug 2002 10:01:22 -0400

 libao is for audio output, which plays the same role as
 portaudio in gsnd right now.
 It sesms that libao only support Unix platforms,
 The good thing of libao is that it support not only hardware dsp,
 but also sound daemon such as Esound (gnome), arts (KDE).
 But since gsnd is a sound daemon itself, it is not a big plus.

 libaudiofile and libsndfile are only for decoding audio format.

 Another choice for audio output could be SDL (www.libsdl.org),
 which is used by the music player I'm writting.
 SDL support Unix/Win32/Mac/BeOS,
 and SDL_sound can handle the audio format.
 SDL is a quite big library, but a good thing
 is that it not only supports Audio,
 but also CD-ROM and Video, which can be used
 for NSMovie/NSMovieView in the future.
 SDL also support OpenGL and freetype2 (SDL_TTF2).
 SDL has its own event/thread/timer, even joystick,
 therefore it might be too much for GNUstep.

 Anyway, a sound daemon is required no matter which library to use
 so that every application can output the sound into the daemon
 and mix together.
 gsnd is already a good start.


From: Erik Dalén <address@hidden>
To: Yen-Ju Chen <address@hidden>
Subject: Re: NSSound and gsnd
Date: Thu, 01 Aug 2002 14:42:31 +0200

Yen-Ju Chen wrote:

 I agree that NSSound should be simple.
 I think I should emphsize my point on gsnd.
 Right now, gsnd only accept the whole decoded data,
 which cause the problem for big files.
 And since gsnd is the official sound daemon of GNUstep,
 it would be nice that it could offer some other interfaces
 that applications can feed the data piece by piece.
 Do you have any plan to do that ?

 By the way, maybe libsndfile
 could be another choice as external library.
 It is highly portable, and I think the most
 important point is that it is still under active developement.
 That's just a little suggestion.

another such library is libao, used by ogg vorbis tools.


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