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Re: NSSound and gsnd

From: Stephen Brandon
Subject: Re: NSSound and gsnd
Date: Fri, 02 Aug 2002 09:44:19 +0100


The SndKit started off as a rip-off of NeXT's SoundKit. I'm
the mug who did it. But it has moved on a LOT since then -
has all kinds of playback mechanisms as well as an effects
architecture. It's pretty cool stuff.

However, I have not worked on the GNustep side of it for a
few months now, and there are probably classes and stuff
that have been added to the MacOSX side without
corresponding entries in GNUmakefiles.

There is also an experimental class in it that SKoT
MacDonald and Leigh Smith have been working on, that
(amongst other things) allows incremental reading of audio
for streaming direct from disk. I personally have not used
this and I don't know how the other guys use it, but it's
there in CVS, and you can get hold of the others @
tomandandy.com (there's a low volume mailing list too -- get
on it via sourceforge).

SndKit uses libst.a (the sox library) for most of its
audiofile importing, but I think the new classes use another
means of mp3 importing. Check the source code for more

SndKit also uses a library from icecast to be able to send
audio output to a local shoutcast/icecast server. Cool.

If anyone is interested in this -- PLEASE get involved. I'm
not particularly active in its development any more, so it
would be great to see some more momentum for it on GNUstep.

Note that if you want to use it on GNUstep you have to get
the MusicKit and first install the
MKPerformSndMIDI_portaudio framework backend. Then install
the SndKit, and optionally the MKDSP and MusicKit frameworks
for even more object oriented music pleasure. My most recent
addition to the MusicKit was MusicXML importing - but
there's a huge amount else in there too.

Stephen Brandon

On Thu, 1 Aug 2002 09:27:44 -0700
 Chris B. Vetter <address@hidden> wrote:
> On Thu, 1 Aug 2002 13:24:17 +0300 (EEST)
> Enrico Sersale <address@hidden> wrote:
> [...]
> > If you want to see an example of sound class that plays
> from a stream,
> > take a look at the MusicKit. I think that it does
> exactly wath you want.
> [...]
> As far as I remember, Nextstep had a SoundKit included.
> Wouldn't it make
> sense to have something similar, maybe even the MusicKit,
> to prevent people
> from using all kinds of different libraries? I've noticed
> several (well, ok,
> just two) applications for GNUstep already, one using
> libvorbis, the other
> SDL_sound, accessing those directly.
> If GNUstep had a predefined "API" for sound, you could
> specify the lib you
> want or need to use during installation of "sound kit".
> Developers would
> only have to stick to that API, and users wouldn't have
> to worry about
> installing different sound-libs for each application.
> Just a thought,
> -- 
> Chris
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