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Re: Setter Gettor method style

From: Martin Häcker
Subject: Re: Setter Gettor method style
Date: Mon, 5 Aug 2002 00:09:57 +0200

 > I am not completely sure of that, but as I understand it the Cocoa
 Engineer (Ali Ozer) told this pattern because of the "Foundation
 Contract" as he called it, that every object you get from the
 foundation should be valid for the scope of the method it was got in.

Why not, if only all these "Contracts" were documented somewhere...

That is exactly the reason why I asked here about which style is used throughout GnuStep.

Do you use a "Contract" like this? Or is there some other Contract?

Sorry, I don't want to bore you with these questions.

One should also note that not all Cocoa classes from Apple currently use this feature. Some because they decided they should not (Collection classes) and others because at the time they where written they still where not sure which pattern would be the best, yet he also stated that Apple is slowly changing this as long as they don't introduce binary incompatibility with this.

[ot]coder - hehe

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