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Re: Setter Gettor method style

From: Martin Häcker
Subject: Re: Setter Gettor method style
Date: Mon, 5 Aug 2002 12:01:01 +0200

 > >The '({' stuff is a gcc extension; 'do {...} while(0)' is portable.

 Sorry, for that I know almost nothing about gcc extensions, does this
 mean its a good thing to use them? (e.g. they are faster or something
 > like that?)

In this particular  case, it's just syntactic sugar  that don't change
anything  to the  generated  code.  So  I  would say,  stick with  the
compatible do{...}while(0).

On the other hand,  last time I used a non GNU  C compiler was, ... at
least ten or twelve years ago, should have been the C compiler of MPW.

Well, then I'll stay compatible. One never nows...

You know the Metrowerks Obj-C compiler is said to be quite a bit faster than gcc.. The same goes for the Intel Compiler wich is free (as far as I know).

:) Well, its a matter of preference then I guess.

cu Martin
[ot]coder - hehe

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