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Re: GNUstep tool as Apache CGI

From: Pascal Bourguignon
Subject: Re: GNUstep tool as Apache CGI
Date: Tue, 3 Dec 2002 19:27:23 +0100

Nicola Pero writes:
> > Hi all,
> > 
> > I am trying to use a GNUstep tool (Objective-C program) called "Adaptor" 
> > as a CGI for Apache. The code works great on MacOSX. The GNUstep version 
> > also works if called directly in a shell or from a wrapper script
> > 
> > #!/bin/sh
> > . /opt/GNUstep/System/Makefiles/GNUstep.sh
> > Adaptor
> > 
> > However I would like to avoid the wrapper script for performance reasons 
> > and call the CGI directly like
> > 
> >     http://merkur/cgi-bin/Adaptor
> > 
> > This currently does not work. Obviously the tool is not even startet 
> > since stuff that is configured in GNUstep.sh is missing. How can I cause 
> > Apache to call ". /opt/GNUstep/System/Makefiles/GNUstep.sh" beore 
> > starting my CGI?
> What about running . /opt/GNUstep/System/Makefiles/GNUstep.sh before
> starting Apache ?
> By adding appropriate configuration to Apache, you can then have it pass
> the environment variables you need (presumably the GNUSTEP_*_ROOT) to the
> cgi subprocesses.  Those variables would already have been set before you
> start Apache.

Only  that  IIRC,  Apache  cleans  the environment  and  set  its  own
variables for the CGI.

Since speed is important, I would suggest either:

      - to set  the GNUSTEP variables  directly in the  wrapper script
        instead of running GNUstep.sh each time:

        echo '#!/bin/sh' > wrapper
        . /opt/GNUstep/System/Makefiles/GNUstep.sh
        env | grep GNUSTEP_ | sed -e 's/^/export /' >> wrapper
        echo 'Adaptor' >> wrapper
        chmod 755 wrapper

      - or, to be  even more speedy, to set  the environment variables
        in main()  before initializing GNUstep  from the tool.  (If it
        was an application, you'd have to start it directly naming the
        binary instead of the script in the application package).

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