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Re: crashes on Solaris (was Re: how to load .gmodel file?)

From: Adam Fedor
Subject: Re: crashes on Solaris (was Re: how to load .gmodel file?)
Date: Wed, 04 Dec 2002 21:54:37 -0700
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Naomaru Itoi wrote:
Thanks, Richard, Manuel.

I installed libxml2-2.4.28, and it seems to parse the XML gmodel file now. Thank you.
However, the application doesn't quite run yet.

When I run my CurrencyConverter.app (which I ported from Cocoa sample), I encounter the following:
- "Unable to initialize XIM, using standard keyboard events"

That's expected, but if you know why this is, let me know. Perhaps XIM just doesn't work on Solaris.

When I ignore these error messages, two blank windows appear. Then it says: - "Internal: No can't decode color space NSPatternColorSpace. creating generic white collor."

Also expected.

- "Illegal Instruction (core dumped)"

Please see the error messages (error.txt) and the output from gdb (gdb.txt). It dies in _i_GSSimpleLayoutManager__textStorage_edited_range_changeInLength_invalidatedRange_ () .

Due to a Solaris limitation (can't set a structure to 0). I've fixed this to test for the problem. Pretty much anytime you get Illegal Instruction on Solaris, it's due to this kind of bug. Thanks for the bug report.

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