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Re: GNUstep's release readiness

From: Stefan Urbanek
Subject: Re: GNUstep's release readiness
Date: Thu, 26 Dec 2002 16:38:07 +0100

On 2002-12-26 16:21:32 +0100 Adam Fedor <address@hidden> wrote:

On Sunday, December 22, 2002, at 07:49 PM, Gregory Casamento wrote:


By and large 2002 has been a good year for GNUstep.   It seems to me that we
are ready for a major release of all of the available applications.

As such we have a couple of questions which should be considered:
1) Which applications should be considered?
2) What major issues should be addressed before the release?

I think of Gorm and ProjectCenter as part of the developer bundle (along with 
the core libraries).
At the least, GNUMail, Gworkspace, and Preferences could be in a user bundle.

I would recommend also to include the Affiche app - mainly because as a service 
provider example (Make Note). Services are grat thing in gnustep, i have not 
seen something similar in other environments. Services are one of those little 
things that makes the life with computer easier.

Terminal.app is also usable.

Moreover, I think, that we have to agree on more consistent application names. 
I would suggest not to use any prefix (G, GS, GNU) and name it just like 
Preferences.app, Workplace.app (not to conflict with Workpsace.app) or 
PostMan.app (not to conflict with Apple/NeXT Mail.app)...

In a text application should be referenced simply either by 'Preferences.app' 
or 'Preferences application'.

The problem is how do you release them as a bundle? Do you provide one 
top-level make file? How about an installer application (now I've opened a can 
of worms...).

I think that for apps we do not need installer application, just .tar.gz of 
.app bundled binaries. I am not sure about the other kinds of 
packages...(frameworks, libraries,...)


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