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Re: SimplyGNUstep (Prometheus)

From: nicolas roard
Subject: Re: SimplyGNUstep (Prometheus)
Date: Thu, 2 Jan 2003 22:03:33 GMT


> address@hidden <address@hidden> wrote:
> > Why ? WindowMaker is very simple to configure (with its own GUI tool for 
> > that), and the way it handles windows is the NeXT way..
> [...]
> > IWM isn't ready for daily use...
> The largest single problem is that WindowMaker is currently part of GNUstep
> in name only, really, not being ObjC or using any GNUstep libs.  

True .. :-/
But adding ObjC code to wmaker is simple.

> IWM doesn't
> seem that far from working, 

Well I'm perhaps wrong but that wasn't the case the last time I checked it 
(but as it was 2 months ago, ...)

> although I would be far happier making that
> statement if it were better documented so new coders had an easier time
> helping it.  As long as talented programmers aren't hacking IWM, it's never
> going to become ready for daily use and WMaker remains the offical WM
> despite not being really GNUstep beside looks.  Therefore, talented
> programmers suggest hacking WMaker rather than IWM and round it all goes. 
> :-(

I agree -- partly... :) 
A full-gnustep WM (as IWM) would be great. But it's also not so easy to have a 
WM as stable as WMaker. What I said is just to make some hacks to wmaker, to 
have a better support *quickly* (ie, I don't want to wait >6 months... :-/), 
because I did some tests and it's quite easy to add GNUstep things 
(notifications...) to wmaker. So I think it's the fastest way to have 
something -- but surely not the "good" way. IWM has the potential to be better 
(for example, it'll be based on bundles, etc.)
I hope people will continue to code IWM, so in the mid-range we'll have a 
good, ObjC WM for X11. Until this, we could use this old wmaker (well it's 
already the case..)

In the end, nobody is forced to works on wmaker or iwm... I'd like to try 
something for wmaker (and I'm not even sure that I'll have the time), but *I* 
have no major interesst on coding iwm. 

ps: anyway, Happy New Year ;)


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