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Re: Renassance patch for secure text fields

From: David Wetzel
Subject: Re: Renassance patch for secure text fields
Date: Thu, 20 Mar 2003 12:34:44 +0000

Pete French wrote

> I cant see how to do it with Apples docs - but how do you implement
> a login panel if so ?

I guess you put a text field on top and a secure text field below.
You can connect the nextkeyview or so to NSControls.

> > Do Renassance menus work for you on OS X? Mine are disabled.
> They did last time I tried them, but I dont have access to an OSX machine at
> work currently. When did they stop working for you ?

I started just a few weeks ago. On my BSD box all is fine, the same source on 
the Apple does display the menu, but "Open", "Save" etc. is all disabled.


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