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Re: Renassance patch for secure text fields

From: Rodolfo W. Zitellini
Subject: Re: Renassance patch for secure text fields
Date: Fri, 21 Mar 2003 11:55:40 +0100
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>>>> Do Renassance menus work for you on OS X? Mine are disabled.
>>> They did last time I tried them, but I dont have access to an OSX machine at
>>> work currently. When did they stop working for you ?
>> I started just a few weeks ago. On my BSD box all is fine,
>> the same source on the Apple does display the menu, but "Open", "Save"
>> etc. is all disabled.
> It does all work on GNUstep, I think, and the core works on Mac OS X as
> well, but I didn't finish experimenting with the Mac OS X part of it.
> The main remaining problem - if I remember correctly - is nothing
> difficult, just that the application Info.plist on Mac OS X would not
> declare the document class, document types etc in the way that Mac OS X
> expects them to be declared (which is different from the GNUstep way).
I have ported Ink to OS X and everything works perfectly. I think it would
be nice example for NSDocument based apps, as the multidocument sample
included in Renaissance is for GNUstep only... :-)

sorry to those I sent this mail as a personal one and not to the list, but
my mailer didn't include the right addresses...

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