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Re: NSMenu* and NSPopuUp* issues

From: Jim Balhoff
Subject: Re: NSMenu* and NSPopuUp* issues
Date: Mon, 24 Mar 2003 10:26:04 -0500

On Monday, March 24, 2003, at 10:07  AM, Lars Sonchocky-Helldorf wrote:

no, it's also for usability. Do you know Fitt's Law

Since the mac style menu resides on the top EDGE of the screen it is
easier to hit. The best position according to Fitt's law is the point
where your mouse is right now (means context menu), but here you don't see
the options you have at a glance (which is IMHO important for a novice

Which is why the NeXT-style vertical menu is so nice - the whole menu is available where your mouse is right now, with a right-click. A novice user can still see the options available in the menu floating in the upper left corner, if they need.

(I would like it if a momentary right-click would leave the menu floating there, for a more leisurely look at what is available, instead of needing to hold down the right mouse button. This is how the contextual menus in MacOS X work. They disappear when you click anywhere outside of the menu.)


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