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Re: NSMenu* and NSPopuUp* issues

From: Tim Harrison
Subject: Re: NSMenu* and NSPopuUp* issues
Date: Sun, 23 Mar 2003 19:16:19 -0500
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Serg Stoyan wrote:

  I've removed horizontal menu code, so theme bundle coming soon.

I suppose it would be much better for stability to remove incomplete implementations from -gui, whether it be horizontal menu code or not. A little cleaning never hurt anyone. :)

  I suppose, that horizontal menus in OS X is for MacOS compatibility
  rather than usability. That is, for easy moving old MacOS users to OS X.

I'm not sure if that was the reason. I'd like to actually see some official answer from Apple regarding this. It would be interesting to see if familiarity was the prime mover.

  I'm thinking adding theme support, but it's rather architectural issue
  than coding. At first sight, we need to modify -make as well as -gui.
  Give me a time.
  Does theme bundle solution so bad?

I wouldn't think it would be that bad. Of course, as Alex says, the potential for loss of integration is there. The horizontal menu bundle would have to be designed to minimize that. This is definitely an architectural discussion that I'm not fit to be in. :) I just wanted to present my thoughts. :)

Either which, I personally prefer horizontal menus. :)


Tim Harrison

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