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Re: project goal Re: Release schedule

From: Yen-Ju Chen
Subject: Re: project goal Re: Release schedule
Date: Wed, 16 Apr 2003 19:52:23 -0400

 I would suggest you to check the wiki.gnustep.org.
 It has more updated information such as tutorials, applications.
 GNUstep still changes, especially gui/back.
 Therefore, if the applications is not actively maintained,
 it tends to break after a certain time.

 I think GNUstep is more close to GTK/Qt, not GNOME/KDE.
 People won't ask GTK to offer a file manager, or a mail agent
 because it is a developement environment.
 GNOME/KDE makes GTK/Qt popular,
 but GKT/Qt exists not only for GNOME/KDE.
 So comparing GNUstep to GNOME/KDE  is
 comparing banana to apple.
 There is no GNUstep desktop environment yet.
 So if you can't find the application you want,
 you can write one. :)

 Check the news in wiki.gnustep.org.
 The latest released applications tends to work better.
 Gorm works pretty good for me.
 It crashes as often as mozilla, fewer than Giam. :D

 Just my personal opinion.


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