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Re: RIGS - compile error + patch

From: Tobias
Subject: Re: RIGS - compile error + patch
Date: Sun, 11 May 2003 09:36:42 +0200
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>   RIGS is good, but if you start doing something seriously,
>   some bugs will come out quickly,
>   especially when using Ruby with gnustep-gui,
>   more specifically, using Ruby as delegate of gnustep-gui class,
>   in the other word, accessing Ruby object from ObjC runtime.

looks, as if i was lucky...
i rewrite in objc too early, it seems ;)
>   That's the reason I make the Rainbow.
>   If someone starts to work on RIGS,
>   I would be happy to help (at least to report bugs :).
>   Working on Rainbow is already too much for me.

i know this lack of time... i reallly wanted to start programming on the 
freebsd kernel, but time does not really permit it.

>   By the way, the method you patched is only for Cocoa-compatible.
>   If not, there is a more simple way to do the same thing,
>   which is in the Rainbow source code.
>   I took them from GSUnit.
>   Open source is great. :D

yes ;)
maybe, i will look at rigs' code, but i think time wont permit it ;(
having said that, i think code in a cvs tree should ALWAYS compile, so i think 
Adam Fedor or someone else should really get such a fix in rigs.


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