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RIGS - compile error + patch

From: Tobias
Subject: RIGS - compile error + patch
Date: Sat, 10 May 2003 21:05:58 +0200
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hi devels,

i wanted to send to laurent (the maintainer according to rigs' docu) too, but 
his email address (address@hidden) does not seem to be valid 

looking thru my 'M'-lines in cvs, i noticed, that i edited a bit of rigs.

i thought reverted my changes and noticed, that rigs won't compile on gcc3.x 
anymore. RIGSCore.m gives an error, because it names a method 
(class_nextMethodList) like a builtin #define. maybe others have the same 
problems, so attached is the `cvs diff`.

i changed the name of this method to class_getNextMethodList.. due to this 
change, it will not work on mac os x, but maybe it is safe, to simply remove 
the "#ifdef Gnustep" jail around this method and it will also work there.

i also changed the way to start ruby in the examples.
/usr/bin/env ruby should work better than the static path /usr/local/bin/ruby.


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