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Re: First Impressions of GNUStep

From: Banlu Kemiyatorn
Subject: Re: First Impressions of GNUStep
Date: Mon, 16 Jun 2003 16:57:28 +0700
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Charles Philip Chan wrote:

On one hand, I agree with Pascal Bourguignon <address@hidden>. I
think gsdock should be integrate with GWorkspace.app, especially since
GWorkspace.app alright have a recycler. Maybe you can collaborate with
Enrico. On the other hand, having the dock as a separate app will open
up the possibility of more than one file manager for GNUstep.

I'd more like to see a seperated dock app, and that has nothing rely X11 at all except its gnustep-backend. So if someone has a reason to use a different workspace manager then they seemingly will have a choice.

I also think that the app-icon should not be visible at all if no dock is running. (just like os x)
but it is just my opinion, i am innocent, don't flame me.

Why should gnustep.org host that gallery and says...
"These icons and resources are only for use by people writing applications which are designed to become part of the GNUstep environment. Any other use of these icons is not allowed." I don't know, as a project of FSF, this sound wierd. (ok, now i am not innocent, flame me)

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