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Re: problems building - faiiling due to autogsdoc

From: Pete French
Subject: Re: problems building - faiiling due to autogsdoc
Date: Fri, 20 Jun 2003 11:53:01 +0100

> So ... how can we decide when to automatically disable procfs?  How can 
> configure decide
> which BSD variants have which bits of procfs missing?

Is it that bits are missing, or is it that the system is totally
incompatible ? If the former then itsnt it easy to tell which bits
are missing because the files arent present. stat(2)should be able
to detect.

Is there a standard spec for procfs BTW ? Its a Plan9ism isnt it ?

> Also, can Pete confirm that the problem is really with procfs, and not 
> simply that +load is
> not being called.

Working on it. I am just trying to see if its that +load is
not being called, or if the combination of ifdefs isnt actually
inserting that method into the source.

Out of interest, why are we doing this in +load and not +initialize ?


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