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Re: GNUstep back: won't compile with art support

From: Sascha Erni, .rb
Subject: Re: GNUstep back: won't compile with art support
Date: Tue, 27 Apr 2004 00:22:26 +0200
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Kazunobu Kuriyama wrote:
Ui. How to check for that?

For example,
   $ nm libfreetype.so.x.y.z | grep FTC
will do (Replace the digits x, y, and z with those of your library).

OK, lots of FTC are found:
00022e80 T FTC_Cache_Clear
00022f60 T FTC_Cache_Done
00022e10 T FTC_Cache_Init
00023180 T FTC_Cache_Lookup
000230a0 T FTC_Cache_NewNode
00023270 T FTC_Cache_RemoveFaceID
000234c0 T FTC_CMapCache_Lookup
00023490 T FTC_CMapCache_New
000237b0 T FTC_Family_Init
00023860 T FTC_GCache_Done
000237d0 T FTC_GCache_Init
000238f0 T FTC_GCache_Lookup
000238c0 T FTC_GCache_New
00023750 T FTC_GNode_Compare
00023720 T FTC_GNode_Done
000236b0 T FTC_GNode_Init
000236d0 T FTC_GNode_UnselectFamily
000243a0 T FTC_ImageCache_Lookup
00024370 T FTC_ImageCache_New
000239b0 T FTC_INode_Free
00023a60 T FTC_INode_New
00023b20 T FTC_INode_Weight
00022810 T FTC_Manager_Compress
00022700 T FTC_Manager_Done
000229a0 T FTC_Manager_FlushN
00022540 T FTC_Manager_LookupFace
00022390 T FTC_Manager_LookupSize
00022610 T FTC_Manager_New
00022890 T FTC_Manager_RegisterCache
00022a10 T FTC_Manager_RemoveFaceID
000227d0 T FTC_Manager_Reset
00021dc0 T FTC_MruList_Done
00021df0 T FTC_MruList_Find
00021d30 T FTC_MruList_Init
00021fd0 T FTC_MruList_Lookup
00021e70 T FTC_MruList_New
00022020 T FTC_MruList_Remove
000220a0 T FTC_MruList_RemoveSelection
00021d80 T FTC_MruList_Reset
00021c90 T FTC_MruNode_Prepend
00021cf0 T FTC_MruNode_Remove
00021cc0 T FTC_MruNode_Up
00022a80 T FTC_Node_Unref
000245d0 T FTC_SBitCache_Lookup
000245a0 T FTC_SBitCache_New
00024050 T FTC_SNode_Compare
00023c50 T FTC_SNode_Free
00023ea0 T FTC_SNode_New
00023fd0 T FTC_SNode_Weight

That's with my self-compiled libfreetype 1.2.8. libfreetype as provided by Mandrake's package management won't return and FTCs. Still, no go at compiling back with art. :/

It depends on whose funeral, actually.

True, that. ;)

Sascha "nggalai" Erni, .rb

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