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Re: spatial finder

From: Enrico Sersale
Subject: Re: spatial finder
Date: Wed, 16 Jun 2004 14:50:53 +0300

On 2004-06-16 14:15:13 +0300 Dennis Leeuw <address@hidden> wrote:

> Larry Coleman wrote:
>> --- Björn_Giesler <address@hidden> wrote:
>>> Most people using Nautilus (or Linux, for that
>>> matter) are geeks and proto-geeks. This class of people has notoriously
>>> little knowledge of good UI design.
>> My experience in nine years developing software for a
>> living is that users have even less knowledge of good
>> UI design.
>> What works best for me is determining what users need,
>> as opposed to what they say they want, and giving them
>> that instead.
> It would be nice if I could have a folder where I can save my documents and 
> give the meta-data the information about the subject of the document, and to 
> whom I would like to present it and that as soon as I hit the save button it 
> is send and stored.
> And I would also like another folder that holds some files where the 
> meta-data holds the information who created that document and what the 
> subject is.

The new FSNode framework that will be used for the new file viewers, introduces 
a way to display "meta-data". Actually this is visible only in Desktop.app 
(View menu). 
All the FSNodeRep objects, icons, browser cells, etc., can display virtually 
anything in their label; in the menu, besides "name", "kind", "size", "date", 
that come from normal NSFileManager and NSWorkspace methods, you'll see a 
"Role" entry; "Role" displays the NSRole of a application. This is in the menu 
only as a example, for the moment, but, the important thing is that the NSRole 
info is taken from a FSNodeRep "ExtendedInfo" bundle that can offer, in a 
NSDictionary, all you want. (even additional NSViews to introduce search and 
filter criteria, if you want; or NSViews with alternative representations). My 

> Or am I now talking imap :)
> Dennis

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