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Re: Default colors vs. gamma

From: Quentin Mathé
Subject: Re: Default colors vs. gamma
Date: Mon, 1 Nov 2004 07:21:20 +0100

Le 31 oct. 04, à 21:56, Fred Kiefer a écrit :

Quentin Mathé wrote:

Well to bring back the issue, I would say I'm in the "For" list. Dennis Leeuw has moved to "For" list too I can conclude by reading this last mail on the subject. In my opinion, it is better to have a somewhat correct default look with a default gamma between 1.6 and 2.2, even if this gamma is wrong, by taking in account you can have it truly right with a default (wrapped by a Preferences panel ideally). Moreover iirc GNOME/KDE uses a 1.6 gamma, Mac OS X a 1.8 gamma and Windows a 2.2 gamma, with such values we can conclude it is reasonable (for color compatibility) to be in this range not at the extreme opposite. Last point, I cannot imagine having a desktop environment which asks a newbie to set its gamma, it is a such complex notion for the everyday user.

Sorry, again a discussion that went a bit strang.

Sorry to be the bad guy here, but… I understood that Alexander was saying it was not so dramatic to break the color linearity, but that's not your opinion I conclude.

The topic as far as I remember was not, if GNUstep will need Gamma correction in some way (which I strongly agree to, but rather as part of full colour management), what was actually discussed was a specific proposal to gamma correct the system colours when creating them from values and this is what I opposed. As Alexander already explained we will be losing the benefit of linearity in colour values, if we apply gamma correction in the GUI. Also correctiong only some of the values may result in a worse effect than correcting none.

To restate this even clearer: I am "For" gamma correction, but against the proposed patch and anything similar to it.


But in the GNOME or KDE cases, is their default gamma support based on a CMS, or is their default gamma just a hack which breaks linearity. … Last point, long time before ColorSync (the Mac OS CMS) exists, Mac OS was using a 1.8 gamma, do you think at this time the linearity was broken also because of the non existent CMS ?


Quentin Mathé

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