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Re: more graphic file formats

From: Karsten Fuhrmann
Subject: Re: more graphic file formats
Date: Wed, 8 Dec 2004 08:51:00 +0100

But if we would use ImageMagick we would have much less deps. than before, because all these other image formats are implemented in ImageMagick as well. And ImageMagick can write nearly all the formats too.

On 8. Dec 2004, at 3:25 Uhr, Vaisburd, Haim wrote:

Yes, I also think we should not introduce another
library dependency. We currenly have TIFF, JPEG, PNG,
not sure about GIF. I though this was plenty...
On the other hand, can we _write_ these formats now?


--- Gregory John Casamento <address@hidden> wrote:

My concerns here are:
2) ImageMagick is not part of GNUstep, so code in GNUstep shouldn't depend on

--- Karsten Fuhrmann <address@hidden> wrote:

i am thinking about writing another Subclass of NSBitmapImageRep which
will use ImageMagick to handle almost any image format.
Is there any concern about this?
I want a solution which can be part of the GNUstep source tree!

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