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Re: Look and Feel

From: Alex Perez
Subject: Re: Look and Feel
Date: Sun, 13 Feb 2005 22:04:07 -0800
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Jesse Ross wrote:
I would appreciate it if you would define what you mean by "default theme". I
realize that this is confusing, but here goes:

1) GNUstep has a "built-in" or "native" look, one that doesn't require a theme
to be shown.
2) GNUstep also has a theme engine called Camaelon. Because it uses theme
bundles, it's capable of changing almost any aspect of the UI.

When you say "default theme" are you referring to #1 or a theme bundle written
for Camaelon, as described in #2?

I'm thinking of what a user first sees when they launch a GNUstep based environment, be it Backbone or Etoile, or Garma or the LiveCD or what-have-you.

But you see, Jesse, you're making it more simple than it actually is. Etoile can have a different /default/ theme than the one that ships with the GNUstep-GUI source package itself. So your statement doesn't make much sense in light of that. I fully expect Etoile to do this, as a matter of fact. You really should be concentrating your efforts here, IMHO.

I realize that this is more the responsibility of the desktop than GNUstep, but I believe I've read correctly that many users and developers on the list would like to have some "theme" defined for GNUstep so that users can easily recognize the environment, and we can more easily market it. Currently, this "theme" is the NeXT-inspired one, even if it's not a theme proper. I would like to see that theme updated, and it doesn't matter much to me where it is implemented.
But it matters to most other developer-types, because where it's implemented dictates where the code which makes it so goes.

Alex Perez

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