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Re: Re: Look and Feel

From: jhclouse
Subject: Re: Re: Look and Feel
Date: Wed, 16 Feb 2005 22:09:44 +0000

<<No. The default look won't be "ditched".>>


<<That said, the default look is not set in stone.>>

Which is it?  Will we change the default look or not?  This is not clear.

Personally, I think you should at least *think about* changing the default look 
when Jesse finishes his theme.  You could then have a Camaelon theme for the 
old NeXT look.  People who want the NeXT look can use it.  Everything 
distributed to the public at large will have Jesse's look.

Another possibility would be to distribute Camaelon with GNUstep and make sure 
the Camaelon Preference panel is the *first thing* the user sees.  Otherwise, 
most people will install it, take one look, and ditch it.

Look at it this way: the convenience factor should go to the largest number of 
people.  The general computing public contains vast numbers of people, almost 
all of whom will want the new look.  The GNUstep community itself consists of a 
handful of people who like the NeXT look.

On the numbers, the default look should be modernized with the minority who 
like NeXT doing a *little bit* of work (preferably, Camaelon should become part 
of the GNUstep distribution itself).

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