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Re: NeXTSTEP Release 3.0J

From: Guylhem Aznar
Subject: Re: NeXTSTEP Release 3.0J
Date: Sat, 5 Mar 2005 10:48:56 -0500
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On Friday,  4 March 2005 at 16:26:18 (+0700), Brad Collins wrote:
> My question is, beyond fond memories, is there anything of value on
> the disk in terms of legacy code which might have been lost and might
> still be useful to anyone today?  

Documentation. I'm considering purchasing Openstep license for the
.rtfd documentation, and having good model running in an emulator to
see how things should work...

> I wish I could dig out Webster.app and the Oxford.app and bring them
> back to life but I'm sure M-W and Oxford wouldn't be too happy...

Why bother? Use the free software version made of the 1901 version
(IIRC) and the Wikipedia dump. That's what I use on my Zaurus.

> If there is anything of value, does anyone have any suggestions on
> how to mount it?

I suggest you do head /dev/cdrom and see if there's any filesystem
magic one can recognize. Try to google with the first bytes ?

Bien à vous - Best regards,
Guylhem P. Aznar

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