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Re: GNUstep StartUp on a Mac Powerbook

From: Markus Hitter
Subject: Re: GNUstep StartUp on a Mac Powerbook
Date: Sun, 27 Mar 2005 10:47:21 +0200

Am 27.03.2005 um 05:44 schrieb Tabitha McNerney:

[...] these libraries are in my Darwin Ports library and they are in my $PATH [...]

PATH? PATH is meant to hold a collection of paths to commands. For finding/using libraries it isn't helpful at all.

E281 Error
I don't seem to be able to use your Objective-C compiler to produce
working binaries!

Did you try to build something else? You could fire up Xcode, open a application project template and see wether it compiles and produces a working binary.

Next step would be to investigate what GNUstep's configure script tries to do and to retry these steps manually. There's config.log which tracks what configure does.

Other than that, the error decription appears quite helpful ...

Hope that helps,

P.S.: Make sure to file a bug if you found it was GNUstep's fault.

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Dipl. Ing. Markus Hitter

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