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Re: customize GNUstep

From: Riccardo
Subject: Re: customize GNUstep
Date: Fri, 24 Jun 2005 10:50:25 +0200

On Thursday, June 23, 2005, at 11:10 AM, Quentin Mathé wrote:

Why not using a bevel for the border ? I always disliked the simple line of the current NSToolbar... I did some tests with GNUMail when NSToolbar was introduced that you could be interested in: http://www.roard.com/screenshots/gnumail-toolbar1.png -- same color as the window's background http://www.roard.com/screenshots/gnumail-toolbar2.png -- slightly lighter gray http://www.roard.com/screenshots/gnumail-toolbar3.png -- using buttons ...

They all show a bevel border, and imho it looks much better. I tend to prefer gnumail-toolbar1.png over the others.

Finally I think the bevel border looks fine, I will use it.
It seems I'm always changing my mind…

Yes! I personally prefer 1) and 3).


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