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Re: deployment issues on windows

From: Lloyd Dupont
Subject: Re: deployment issues on windows
Date: Fri, 15 Jul 2005 09:34:49 +1000

> It seems that all GNUstep based application need to be deployed
> is GNUstep's DLLs, plus to set the environment variable:
> to point to a directory containing the content of <GNUstep>/System
> so far so good.

This isn't the whole story:
a) GNUstep supports a configuration file, so you could have built to look for
the conf file in the same dir as the app.

Nice ... so you could install multiple GNUstep apps from multiple vendors
(with different configs and libs) and not get a conflict. :-)

So that sounds like the perfect solution to build a standalone Windows
binary application that you can ship (a bit fat, I imagine, as a binary to
send, but well) ?

Anyone cares to document the exact steps required to create a standalone
Windows application binary that can be shipped ? :-)

I will keep you informed as I advance.....
I had it pretty much nailed... but I have this sometimes issue I hope to fix once and for all.

I could also say GNUstep work not too bad on Windows, as I'm really testing it, but mostly gnustep-base.dll.

in gnustep-gui.dll I used some class, but not for GUI!

about a document, uh.... I'm not sure.. I'll think about it.

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