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Re: Widget rendering in GNUstep

From: comrade-gs
Subject: Re: Widget rendering in GNUstep
Date: Fri, 16 Sep 2005 06:22:39 +1000
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Hi Chris

[some stuff snipped]

> All else failing, Cocoa and its  standard suite of controls talk  
> nicely.  Are there any stumbling blocks making code written for Cocoa  
> run on GNUstep, given the real possibility of not having the ability  
> to have a GNUstep test environment?

It seems that you've gotten to know assistive technologies on a couple
of different platforms - the current limited functionality seems to be
both an opportunity and a problem within GNUstep and its interaction with
host platforms - so I'm hoping you could give some advice. 

Cocoa code that uses the NSAccessibility protocol can't currently be
ported - it hasn't been added to GNUstep-base yet, and touches enough
classes in interesting ways that may lead to some issues like additional
instance variables being required. I'd like to see this added, despite
any short-term pain. I'm also interested in finding out if there are any
free software assistive tools on Cocoa.

It's fairly straight-forward how this would play out on GNUstep on MacOS
X - but I'm more interested in how we'd interact with other existing host
platform capabilities. As a non-Win32 guy, I have no idea if there's any
simple or useful mapping into the Windows-native functionality. Any



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