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ANN: controller

From: Dennis Leeuw
Subject: ANN: controller
Date: Fri, 13 Jan 2006 09:41:29 +0100
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Hi all,

I expanded the Ocean toolset with one more tool called 'controller'
Although it is called version 0.9 it actually is a proof of concept and I am looking for feedback.

What is controller
controller is a command line tool to maintain een installed GNUstep system. With controller you start and stop applications and daemons and you can remove installed software pieces so your entire system is clean again.

How useful is it
Not much since it depends on the supplier of the software. controller expands the GNUstep Library directory with one more entry called InstalleDB per domain (System, User, Local, Network). It expects a <Software-package>.db file which should contain a description of the installed software. An example is present here:

How do I test controller
Install GWorkspace from CVS, create Library/InstalleDB, copy the GWorkspace.db file into that directory and create a symlink called GWorkspace to controller.

For testing purposes a variable called DEBUG is currently set to DEBUG=echo (since controller might be destructive). With this you can see what might be done. If you set DEBUG to DEBUG=. Then the actions are actually performed.

controller --help gives you an explanation of its syntax

What is the status
It can start/stop applications and daemons
It can remove Libraries, Headers, Bundles, Frameworks, Usersettings, Applications, Tools, Daemons, or everything.
It can do all of the above per GNUstep domain if you whish.

It is still missing the Documentation part.

Where can I get it?

Ideas, suggestions...

Happy Stepping,

Dennis Leeuw

"It is not necessary to change.
 After all, survival is not mandatory."
        Dr. W. Edwards Deming

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