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Re: Some bug reports and usability issues with GWorkspace.app

From: Enrico Sersale
Subject: Re: Some bug reports and usability issues with GWorkspace.app
Date: Sun, 05 Mar 2006 19:18:36 +0200

On 2006-03-05 16:02:15 +0200 Nikolaus Waxweiler <address@hidden> wrote:

Well, I've not FreeBSD 6.0 but all I'm going to say is tested both on linux and 
on darwin-8 (on x86, no OS X).

Hi Enrico,
thumbs up for the 0.8.0 release, Operation.app was an annoying little focus-stealer and crashed a lot for no apparent reason :o I'll extend this list of bug reports and usability issues to empty my log of GWorkspace annoyances and bugs.

Operation.app has been removed in 0.8.0; if you are not using the Recycler of 
the GWorkspace Dock but the other one and see it trying to contact 
Operation.app, this is a known bug. It is fixed on svn but I'm waiting to add 
some other fix before making a 0.8.1 release.

1) I'm in an UTF-8 locale. When GWorkspace encounters a file that is not a valid UTF-8 sequence, it displays an unnamed folder (type "mount point") which points to the parent dir or somehwere else ad infinitum. Trying to delete it caused Operation.app to crash due to infinite recursion and GW 0.8 just deleted the parent. Try this while in a UTF-8 (or possibily any other multibyte) locale: 'echo "\xf8" | xargs mkdir' and navigate to it in GW.

I can't reproduce this. (But perhaps I'm missing something...) Has nybody else 
encountered this problem?

2) I can't move files between different partitions (from /usr to /tmp, etc.).

This must work.

3) I can't move items in the shelf from one window to another window's shelf, except when I drop it on a folder or maybe app there. Same goes for the tabbed shelf.

The current behaviour is: if you drag an item from a shelf (tabbed or not) to 
another one, the item will be added to the target shelf but will not be removed 
from the source.

4) I can't drop folders on application icons in the shelf. This is annoying if an app expects a folder as an argument and I have to use a service thingy as a workaround.

Just tested with a shelf icon representing Gorm: it works.

5) Regarding the Finder:
   - I can't use file operations (delete, etc.) on the search results.

You can move, copy and delete items; the only limitation is that, if you want to act on 
multiple elements together, they must have the same parent directory. (you can order the 
view by "Parent").
Other operations as rename or duplicate are not allowed; it seems to me 
conceptually wrong with objects that represent the result of a search.

- Pressing Enter in the search mask while in some text field selects the whole field instead of 'pressing' "Search"

This is the normal behaviour of NSTextField. (But it is true that I must review 
a bit all the responder chain of the Finder window)

6) Interface issues:
- After deleting a file, the parent dir/"parent object in that folder->folder->file view" is selected instead of the next file. Using the mouse sucks when you're lazy =(.

This is intentional; if you delete the current selection, you should 
theorically obtain an empty selection; but this is not possible; so, the 
logical consequence is to select the parent.
Moreover it's a bit hard to define the concept of "next file" (specially if you 
delete a multiple selection).

- Command-S is mapped to something twice: View->Viewer Behaviour->Spatial and Tools->Tabbed Shelf->Select Special Tab.

Ok. Fixed.

- In list mode (Command-l), creating a new folder or file doesn't select it afterwards.

True. I'll try to fix it.

- How about having the last selected file remembered when jumping around in the history?

Interesting thing; added to the todo list.

I'm using FreeBSD 6.0, GWorkspace 0.8.0, gnustep-back-0.10.2, gnustep-base-1.11.2_1, gnustep-gui-0.10.2_2, gnustep-make-1.11.2_1

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