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Re: Some random thoughs and questions on the future of GNUstep

From: Nikolaus Waxweiler
Subject: Re: Some random thoughs and questions on the future of GNUstep
Date: Sun, 01 Oct 2006 18:43:19 +0200
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Most of the "maintenance" is really needed because of the need to support GNUstep-specific directory layouts, library combos, frameworks, various types of bundles and plists, etc. ;-)

I'll wait and see how much of the efforts put in CMake's Mac OS X support I can salvage for use for GNUstep. I also got to take a look at gsjam sometime.

I suggest that to reduce maintenance, we reduce the amount of 'very
custom' things that
we support, and try to converge into a more 'standard' setup. ;-)

Hum, what exactly are these 'custom things' anyway? I thought GNUstep Make basically recurses into subprojects and resource directories and does, well, stuff. Applications are compiled and copied to the app folder along with their resources; libraries are compiled, copied to a directory, their resources in the Frameworks directory or somewhere else; the end. Variations of bundles shoudldn't be that hard to support me thinks.

By the way, since no one raised any concerns about my other ideas yet, I take it that everybody likes them and will put all his effort into making them a reality, yes? :P

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