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Re: Error while building Preferences.app

From: Richard Frith-Macdonald
Subject: Re: Error while building Preferences.app
Date: Thu, 22 May 2008 08:53:56 +0100

On 21 May 2008, at 18:11, Patrick Cardona wrote:

My interest with Terminal.app is founded upon the ability to use services to send text or URL from app to app. I founded this very convenient in the previous install of GNUstep I made from deb. I think all of this was related to Terminal.app,because these services are nomore avaible, --- and I don't have Terminal.app installed.

Maybe ... but maybe it was not Terminal related. The GNUstep gui examples contain a service for opening a URL ... perhaps this was previously installed? The example also provides conversion of text to upper or lower case and generation of an md5 hash of text.

Sure thing, I can't paste from Firefox or xterm to an GNUstep app like GNUMail. I would appreciate it. Maybe when we'll get a GNUsteized browser. ? Is the Vespucci.app project going on ?

I can paste from Firefox and rxvt into a GNUstep app. I just tried with Ink.app

You do need to use the standard X mechanism (click middle mouse button) to paste. Using the paste menu item or key shortcut will only paste in the last thing cut/copied from a GNUstep app. This is because the X system won't tell the app about the selected text in the non-gnustep app until you click the middle mouse button.

Cut and paste of text should just work ... so if there are cases when it doesn't, it would be good to figure out what setup or sequence of events can stop it working, and fix any problem.

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