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Re: NSWindowController should be a NSResponder

From: Fred Kiefer
Subject: Re: NSWindowController should be a NSResponder
Date: Thu, 23 Oct 2008 10:27:51 +0200
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Committed. Thank you for this patch!


PS: Only gui applications using a custom subclass of NSWindowController
need to be recompiled.

Wolfgang Lux wrote:
> This patch fixes an issue that has bugged me already for quite a
> while -- NSWindowController should be a subclass of NSResponder and
> be part of the responder chain. Thus, window controllers automatically
> receive event and action messages without having to make them delegates
> of their windows (which does not help for event messages, anyway). This
> has been the case in OS X for a very long time (AFAIR, one of the
> developer releases), but never made it into GNUstep (though, curiously,
> Gorm's class browser considers NSWindowController a subclass of
> NSResponder already). So here is the patch to make this work.
> Note that the patch changes the object layout of NSWindowController
> and its subclasses, so it will be necessary to recompile all (gui)
> applications after applying this patch.

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