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Re: is the bad performance because of backend and how could I change bac

From: Zhang Weiwu
Subject: Re: is the bad performance because of backend and how could I change backend?
Date: Sun, 03 May 2009 10:50:10 +0800
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Fred Kiefer 写道:
> The problem with the xlib backend you are experiencing is most likely
> due to it being of a different version than the gui library you
> installed from the Debian repository. According to your mail the xlib
> backend is version 0.16, which version are the other two backends you
> have installed?
Sorry I wasn't aware gui version should be the same as backend. I am
totally newbie here. In my case debian official package has gui 0.14 and
I tried to install backend 0.16. I'll try install backend-xlib 0.14 see
if it make a difference.
> The slowness you describe doesn't seem widget related to me. It looks
> rather like interprocess communication, especially with the X server is
> slow on your machine. (OK point 5. of your list may be different)
> If this is correct a different backend wont change anything, as they all
> have a very similar way to interface with X.
Thanks for the information. I forgot to mention that gnome installed on
the same computer does not have problem 1-4, which is the second reason
I consider it is widget related.

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