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newbie user difficulty in managing dockapp

From: Zhang Weiwu
Subject: newbie user difficulty in managing dockapp
Date: Sun, 03 May 2009 13:06:38 +0800
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What is the right way to manage docapp to start after login? Using gnustep & wmaker. I am trying to dock AClock & TimeMon

Traditional way is to customize .Xsession. It doesn't work. If I start AClock after logged in, it has a single animated application icon which is what I need. If I start it with .Xsession, before or after running wmaker, then it has a single application icon that does not animate, plus an application icon that animates, sitting at lower-left corner. I only need one application icon there (I made sure only one AClock process is running).

The wmaker way to launch application upon session start is to dock application to the dock and do setting "Start when Window Maker is started", which doesn't work for AClock. If I dock aclock to the dock and do the setting, it looks fine, but next time when I login & session starts, in the dock there is a still (un-animiated) icon in the dock, but no animated application icon (I made sure AClock process is running).

The wmaker manual also said dockapp can be set auto-start by double-click mouse-button 3 on the application icon, which also doesn't work for me. (double-click with mouse-button 3 is exactly as if I didn't do that. Nothing happens).


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