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Re: newbie user difficulty in managing dockapp

From: Wolfgang Lux
Subject: Re: newbie user difficulty in managing dockapp
Date: Sun, 3 May 2009 15:02:02 +0200

Pete French wrote:

What is the right way to manage docapp to start after login? Using
gnustep & wmaker. I am trying to dock AClock & TimeMon

I just dock them and set the 'start when Window maker is started' option.,

but TimeMon has a buig in it - the first time you start it then it
will not animate the icon. You need to quit it and start it a second
time - the second time it works properly. I have never used AClock so I
dn;t know, but maybe it has the same bug ?

This is a backend bug. Whatever application you start first under WindowMaker does not get a proper application menu or application icon. In fact, you can
reproduce the effect for any application by setting
  defaults write NSGlobalDomain GSIgnoreRootOffsets YES
I don't know if this is a known bug; if not I can file a bug report.


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