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Re: ANNOUNCE: Terminal v0.9.5

From: Nicola Pero
Subject: Re: ANNOUNCE: Terminal v0.9.5
Date: Tue, 26 May 2009 11:06:06 +0200


include $(GNUSTEP_MAKEFILES)/application.make

Is this Ok? It's working well so far.

Actually, as far as I know, the makefile should not be defining GNUSTEP_INSTALLATION_*, and install Terminal.app into the LOCAL domain by default. To modify that, you'd need to set GNUSTEP_INSTALLATION_DOMAIN=SYSTEM during make install. My guess is that this is a bug in the makefile, left over from the previous version of Terminal.app

That's right - the makefile should not define GNUSTEP_INSTALLATION_DIR, and should not define GNUSTEP_INSTALLATION_DOMAIN. If it does, it's a bug. Obviously defining GNUSTEP_INSTALLATION_DIR is "particularly" a bug since it won't even really work properly
with all the filesystem domain configurations in gnustep-make v2. ;-)

So I agree that removing both lines is the correct thing to do.


PS: For people who compile things from sources and wish to always install Terminal (or any other package) always into SYSTEM, they should create a /etc/GNUstep/installation-domains.conf copying the template from core/make/installation-domains.conf. In there, they can specify the list of packages that they want to always automatically be installed into SYSTEM. The match is done using the gnustep-make variable PACKAGE_NAME, so all the GNUmakefiles for Terminal.app should include the line

 PACKAGE_NAME = Terminal

If it doesn't do it yet, this is a second change that would be good to do.

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