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Re: GNUstep SoftWare Index - new project home and sources of the tool

From: Riccardo Mottola
Subject: Re: GNUstep SoftWare Index - new project home and sources of the tool
Date: Fri, 07 Jan 2011 19:54:46 +0100
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I don't know that it was locked and I have write access for a long time.
As far as I know there simply weren't enough people who were interested
in editing the existing wiki. Therefore, there also weren't enough for
cleaning a completely open wiki from spam.

I don't think a wiki access was every refused to any of the developers of GNUstep, Etoile, GAP or any gnustep related project.
IMHO it is not something political, is just a critical mass issue. If a 
community is over
some critical mass, you can run the Wiki openly and find people to clean it.
If not, you have to restrict access by a registration process or the work 
invested will be lost.
Exactly, more than political ideology we must pursue practicality.

As far as the topic goes: SoftwareIndex is an interesting tool. Today many people are "app-store" geared. Of course today we have source tarballs. Many people use their distribution packages. SO perhaps the concept of an app-store is not so important as is an organized, clean directory. I can imagine that potential corporate users or in any case people not so accustomed to the opensource way of collaborating (e.g. Wiki) might prefer SI.

On the wiki it is of course easier to describe each project more, to have more screenshots, to integrate a user-guide, keep some history, etc. Discussion is best kept on the mailing list I guess.

The only real negative thing is the duplicated effort to keep everything updated in two places and also the disconnection between the two indices. It might be interesting to have a wiki link for each entry in the SI. This would be like a "learn more" link.

Thank you,

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