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Re: Adopt a platform today!

From: Fred Kiefer
Subject: Re: Adopt a platform today!
Date: Tue, 22 Feb 2011 10:45:21 +0100
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Thank you for the log files. Strange enough in this case they didn't
help me at all. I have no idea what is going wrong on your machine.
Could you please run one of the failing gui tests manually with gdb
attached and see where it is causing the segmentation fault?
You should find the executable for the tests in the obj directory of
each test case.


@Richard: Should we move the NSAffinfTransform/affine.m to base? The
implementation has been moved some time ago, but this test is still in gui.

Am 21.02.2011 12:33, schrieb Gürkan Sengün:
>> I am specifically interested in these gui errors. Most likely they are
>> caused by a common problem. Could you please run one of these tests
>> manually and report back the detailed log you get for it?
> Would this give you all you need? tar czf logs.tar.gz `find . -name "*.log"`
> http://bee.ethz.ch/gnustep-testfarm/logs.tar.gz
>> Am 18.02.2011 16:11, schrieb Gürkan Sengün:
>>> and one more, powerpc linux
>>> Failed file:      gui/NSView/NSView_frame_bounds.m aborted without running 
>>> all tests!
>>> gui/NSView/NSView_frame_rotation.m:
>>> Failed file:      gui/NSView/NSView_frame_rotation.m aborted without 
>>> running all
>>> tests!
>>> gui/NSView/scrollRectToVisible.m:
>>> Failed file:      gui/NSView/scrollRectToVisible.m aborted without running 
>>> all tests!
>>> --- Running tests in gui/TextSystem ---
>>> gui/TextSystem/repeatedAttachmentCellHeight.m:
>>> Failed file:      gui/TextSystem/repeatedAttachmentCellHeight.m aborted 
>>> without
>>> running all tests!
>>>      16 Failed files
>>> Some testing was abandoned when a test program aborted.  This is
>>> generally a severe problem and may nean that the package is
>>> completely unusuable.  You need to try to fix this and, if it's
>>> not due to some problem on your system, please help by submitting
>>> a patch (or at least a bug report) to the package maintainer.
>>> --- Archive Results ---
>>> --- Upload Results ---
>>> local: bee-powerpc-unknown-linux-gnu-logs.tar.gz: No such file or directory

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