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Graphics issues

From: Andreas Schik
Subject: Graphics issues
Date: Mon, 29 Aug 2011 13:08:29 +0200
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Hi there,
on the weekend, I update GNustep from SVN (trunk) and did a completely
fresh installation. Since then, I have several graphics issues.

1. When using gnustep-art, GWorkspace does not display file icons. I am
using a viewer in symbol mode. While the navigation control in the upper
part displayes correctly, no file/directory icons are shown in the lower
part (symbol view). This does not apply to to gnustep-cairo. Here, the
correct file type icons are displayed.

2. With both backends, it seems that images which do not have a
resolution of 72x72 dpi are not displayed correctly. Details:
- 72x72 is of course a value that applies to the very notebook I am
using. Don't know whether this applies to other machines as well.
- Images are scaled in strange ways. I observed 75x75 dpi images to be
upscaled in the Y direction only. There were also images with 90x90 dpi
being downscaled.
- Example is Etoile's MenuServer. While the middle part displays
correctly, the left and right edges as well as the logo are distorted.
The middle image is 72x72 dpi the others are 75x75 dpi.

3. gnustep-cairo does not handle themes very well. Neos, at least has
some glitches, e.g. missong knobs on scrollbars. Not a major problem,

I appreciate if someone could shed some light on the first two issues.


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